Cermak J.E.
Bibliographic info:
Proceedings of USA-Japan Research Seminar, National Science Foundation, University of Hawaii, Honolulu. October 19-24. 1970 ed. A.N.L. Chiu. p55-70

Gives a brief account of exploratory efforts to isolate the contributions of flow separation and reattachment to local surface pressure fluctuations. The study is restricted to tall buildings with sharp vertical edges. Pressure fluctuation measurements were made on small scale models of actual buildings placed in uniform flow of low turbulence level. Gives figures showing mean and root-mean-square pressure coefficients. Finds maximum instantaneous pressure fluctuation was four times the root-mean-square value. Describes characteristics of pressure fluctuations. Concludes that separation induced pressure fluctuations are sufficiently intense to require special care in the design of glass and cladding panels.