Lagus P, Persily A K
Bibliographic info:
ASHRAE Trans, 1985, Vol 91 Part 2B, H1-85-22 No 1, p1075-1087. 8 figs, 2 tabs, 38 refs.

This paper describes tracer gas measuring techniques that have been used to characterize ventilation and air infiltration in buildings, with an emphasis on recent developments and applications in large industrial and commercial structures. Fundamentals and applications are presented for both single andmultiple tracer gas methods. In addition to techniques suitable for detailed characterization of building airflows, procedures and equipment appropriate to surveying large numbers of buildings are also discussed. Illustrative examples of the various measuring techniques as well as discussion of theiradvantages and disadvantages are provided. A detailed bibliography is also included to facilitate a more thorough examination of the topics discussed.