Persily A.
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Proc. ASHRAE/DOE Conference "Thermal performance of the exterior envelope of the building II" Dec 6-9 1982 USA p.380-390 7 figs. 1 tab. 19 refs. #DATE 06:12:1982 in English

To experimentally determine the repeatability of pressurization test results, pressure tests a home about 80 times in one year. Studies the effect of weather conditions on test results, along with changes in the results over time. For local wind speeds less than 2.5 m/s the 50 Pa leakage rate has a standard deviation of about 2% of the mean over short time periods. For stronger winds, errors as large as 15% compared to calm weather test results occur. Finds a seasonal variation of 25% in the leakiness of the house. This variation is due to changes in the moisture content of the building materials caused by yearly variation in the moisture content of the outside air.