Harrje D.T. Blomsterberg A. Persily A.
Bibliographic info:
Princeton University, Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, report PU/CEES 85 25p.

Reports a project to assess the value of weatherstripping windows and doors in a 30-year old home. Describes house and retrofitting technique using stainless steel weatherstrips. Air infiltration rates before and after retrofit were measured using three independent methods, tracer gas dilution using SF6,pressurization/depressurization for the whole house and depressurization of individual windows. Finds that air-change-rate for the whole house was reduced by 10-14.7%giving a predicted reduction of 15.5% for a complete retrofit which would result in an energy saving of 4-6%. Weatherstripping and storm windows resulted in 20.6- 23.2% savings in air infiltration losses. Predicts a reduction in air infiltration of 27.5% for an entire house retrofit giving energy savings of 7-11%