Hao Cai, Xianting Li, Weiding Long, Xibin Ma
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Building Simulation, 2007, Beijing, China

In case contaminants are released in occupied rooms, it is necessary to determine the contaminant source location and strength rapidly so that prompt response measures can be taken to protect indoor occupants. This paper presents a new method with one sensor to identify the contaminant source location and strength. It completes the time-consuming computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations before the release event, and finds the source in real time during the event. In addition, an index called “correctness probability” for evaluating the accuracy of this method is proposed. This paper demonstrates how to use the method in a three-dimensional room. The method could identify the contaminant source locations with quite high accuracy but not very accurate for strength. The results also show that this method is characterized by quick response and low cost.