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Public housing breaks the mould. Part II: Veterans era housing.

Snell J, Pettit B, 2001
air flow | mechanical ventilation | moisture
Bibliographic info: USA, Home Energy, November/December 2001, pp 33-37, 1 fig, 1 tab.
Languages: English

Part 1 of this feature discussed the particular moisture and air quality related problems of midrise housing, and took a close look at two cases. This article analyses issues unique to 'Veterans Era Housing' (US housing built for World War II veterans during the 40s and 50s) and presents three cases where moisture problems were successfully addressed. The proposed solutions included reducing interior vapour pressure, and increasing interior air flow, by methods including the installation of controlled mechanical ventilation to dilute interior moisture and other pollutants, and undercutting all the interior doors by 2.5 inches.

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