Michael Kim, Iason Konstantzos, Athanasios Tzempelikos
Languages: English | Pages: 4 pp
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41st AIVC/ASHRAE IAQ- 9th TightVent - 7th venticool Conference - Athens, Greece - 4-6 May 2022

In this study, a new programmable low-cost camera sensor equipped with a fisheye lens is used to detect the luminance and position of exterior glare sources using per-pixel analysis. The High Dynamic Range Imaging sensor is mounted on the interior surface of the window and facilitates an efficient daylight glare control framework. The control was implemented in a testbed office with automated roller shades and was compared with two commonly used solar protection control algorithms. The results showed that the new HDRI-based glare control outperforms existing algorithms and fully protects from exterior glare sources of varying luminance in real time, while maintaining visual comfort for occupants seated in daylit perimeter offices.