Hens H, Senave E
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11th AIVC Conference "Ventilation system performance" Belgirate, Italy, 18-21 September 1990

The paper summarises the IEA, Executive Committee on Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems, Annex 14 work on Condensation and Energy, a joint research effort of the Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium, finished end of march 1990. First the complex relations between mould+ surface condensation, the outside climate, the building fabric, inhabitants behaviour and energy conservation are discussed. Then follows a short overview of the Annex achievements with mayor emphasis on the guidelines and practice results. These are illustrated by the Zolder case, an example of a problem estate. The causes of the complaints found there, seem typical: social houses with a restricted living space, intensively used, ruinous thermal quality and poor ventilation possibilities. On 3 houses, different curing measures could be evaluated in a systematic way: loft space insulation, inside insulation, double glazing, outside insulation, natural ventilation, demand controlled ventilation. This paper describes the results for 1 of the houses.