Mark White, L. Loren Eyler
Bibliographic info:
Building Simulation, Vancouver, Canada, 1989, p. 271-278

An index of local thermal comfort and pollutant distributions have been computed with the TEMPEST computer code, in a transient simulation of an air-conditioned enclosure with an incomplete partition. This complex three-dimensional airconditioning problem included forced ventilation through inlet vents, flow through a partition, remote return air vents, an infiltration source, a pollutant source, and a thermostatically controlled airconditioning system. Five forced ventilation schemes that varied in vent areas and face velocities were simulated. Thermal comfort was modeled as a threedimensional scalar field dependent on the fluid velocity and temperature fields; where humidity, activity levels, and clothing were considered constants. Pollutant transport was incorporated through an additional constituent diffusion equation. Six distinct graphics techniques for the visualization of the three-dimensional data fields of air velocity, temperature, and comfort index were tested.