Moeller D.W. Underhill D.W. Gulezian G.V.
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Symposium "The Natural Radiation Environment." Houston April 23-27 1978

The authors have developed a Fortran IV computer program for estimating whole body and lung dose equivalent rates due to naturally occurring radionuclides in building materials. Two of the inputs to this program are the effects of wall thickness and the effects of a surface sealant on the gamma exposure ratedue to the increased quantity of radon daughter nuclides trapped within a wall. Notes that the presence of a sealant can appreciably increase external dose rates.< Estimates that the use of surface sealants (in the form of epoxy paint) in basement areas could result in lung dose equivalent rate reductions (assuming 75% occupancy) at a cost as low as 20 to 40 U.S. dollars per person-rem. If it is assumed that the basement walls would be painted anyway, the cost reduces to 5 to 10 U.S. dollars per.person-rem.