H. Preisig
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3rd European Blower Door Symposium, 30-31 May 2008, Kassel, Germany

Every building must be airtight, and this airtightness is guaranteed by the building envelope.The necessary air change does not happen through the building envelope but through specific measures such as an air intake and extraction plant with heat recovery .Airtightness is achieved through installation of an airtight layer.The architect is obliged to devise and airtightness concept in collaboration with specialist planners, in which the airtight layer should as far as possible be positioned at one level of the building envelope and should not be pierced.Arrangement of the other layers should, whenever possible, be according to the position of the airtight layer.Where the airtight layer is disturbed by supply and waste lines and piping, it should be fixed and sealed both chemically, with adhesives, and mechanically, with e.g. clamps.Airtightness tests should not be left until the end of construction work but carried out while remedies are still possible.