G. N. Prodromidis and F.A. Coutelieris
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Proceedings of the 34th AIVC - 3rd TightVent - 2nd Cool Roofs' - 1st venticool Conference , 25-26 September, Athens 2013

The present study deals with the feasibility of Flywheel Energy Storage Systems (FESS) in several RES-based stand-alone electricity production systems. Energy buffering is necessary in any RES-based off-grid system, however conventional energy storage systems (batteries, hydrogen etc.) suffer from limited equipment lifetime, high initial costs, and negative environmental impact during their operation as well as after their life-cycle. This study combines the mature technology of storing kinetic energy through a flywheel, with more conventional technologies such as electrochemical batteries. Through an extensive study of existing technologies, it is proved that an off-grid project with advanced and totally “green” technologies is feasible, and of comparable cost to more conventional RES-based systems. Furthermore, this study presents general information on FESS operation in several projects.