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Performance evaluation on ventilation systems with full-scale test house

Yoshino H, Lee J, Wada J, 2002
ventilation system | mechanical ventilation
Bibliographic info: Proceedings of Room Vent 2002 (8th International Conference on Air Distribution in Rooms) - 8-11 september 2002 - Moltke's palace, Copenhagen - Denmark - pp 513-516, 9 Fig., 1 Tab., 1 ref.
Languages: English

The performance of various kinds of ventilation systems (mechanical supply, mechanical exhaust, mechanical supply and exhaust, crawl space supply and hybrid exhaust) was evaluated in a full-scale test house during heating period. The concentration method (SF6 tracer gas) was used to measure the ventilation air flow rates to each roomntilation. Results of experiments are presented, showing the air distribution between floors and rooms.

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