Chen W., Zhang J.S., Zhang Z.
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Ashrae 2005 Winter meeting, technical and symposium papers, Orlando, February 2005

Fifteen air cleaners, representing different technologies and types of devices, were tested with a mixture of 16 representative VOCs (17 VOCs in tests for products associated with ozone generation) in a full-scale stainless steel chamber by using a pull-down test method. Their initial performancewas evaluated in terms of single-pass efficiency (?) and the clean air delivery rate (CADR). technologies evaluated include sorption filtration, ultraviolet-photocatalytic oxidation (UV-PCO), ozone oxidation, air ionization (plasma decomposition), and botanical air cleaning. Based on testresults, the relative effectiveness of the available technologies tested and the effect of product configuration and VOC properties on the VOC removal efficiencies are analyzed. The implicationof test results on the development of a standard test method for performance evaluation of gas-phase air cleaners is also discussed briefly in this paper.