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Passive responses for comfort conditions in a closed atmosphere under hot dry climates.

Bouillot J, Ayoob A N, 1999
air movement | evaporative cooling | hot dry climate
Bibliographic info: in: PLEA '99 "Sustaining the Future - Energy, Ecology, Architecture", proceedings of a conference held Brisbane, Australia, September 22-24, 1999, edited by Steven V Szokolay
Languages: English

In many countries, besides the hot dry climate, the lack of energy resources is one of the brakes to the development: without air conditioning, it is not yet possible to give good conditions of working inside offices; air movements, dust, pollution are not consistent with cleanliness, controlled atmosphere and calm air. Furlhermore, sanitary spaces as hospitals and laboratories, and cultural ones as museums and libraries are interested in passive solutions to cooling in a closed atmosphere, ie: without any air movement, except controlled-filtered ventilation. One solution with two speeds is explored here: the basic one is built up from evaporative cooling, the subsidiary one from air movement; the two work inside the built structures of the building (walls and floors) during the night in hot dry season.

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