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The passive gas tracer method for monitoring ventilation rates in buildings.

Walker R R, White M K, 1995
ventilation rate | tracer gas | perfluorocarbon
Bibliographic info: UK, Building Research Establishment, BRE Information Paper IP 13/95, September 1995
Languages: English Pages (count): 4

BRE has developed a new technique for measuring time-averaged ventilation rates in occupied buildings using a perfluorocarbon tracer gas. It was conceived as a way of solving the problems which arise when conventional tracer gas techniques are used in large or multi-roomed buildings. Potentially, the new technique will allow routine performance monitoring of both natural ventilation and forced air supply systems, thereby helping users to save energy and to meet the health, safety and comfort requirements of the building's occupants. This paper will be of interest to building consultants, operators and designers and to health and safety officers.

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