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Organic contaminants in indoor air and their relation to outdoor contaminants.

Jarke F.H. Dravnieks A. Gordon S.M., 1981
air quality | house | pollution | organic compound
Bibliographic info: ASHRAE Trans. 1981 vol.87 part 1
Languages: English

Describes a sampling system developed to collect, analyze and identify organic contaminants in air over as wide a range of molecular carbon number range as possible. Describes sampling technique and reports results of sampling in 36homes in the Chicago area. Two samples were taken simultaneously inside and outside. Fifteen homes were sampled in both summer and winter.< Concludes that people are exposed to a wide range of organic compounds on average at concentrations of below 100ppb. Indoor contaminants probably arise for the most part from carpets, clothing, furniture and anthropogenic activity in the home. Location of the home had a slight effect on the number of contaminants in the home.

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