Zhao, J.; Sun, B.; Liu, J.; Wan, M.; Cai, H.
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The 6th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation & Energy Conservation in Buildings IAQVEC 2007, Oct. 28 - 31 2007, Sendai, Japan

Asphalt fume from Aluminum Industries is one of pollutants, which must be decontaminated in theventilation systems. In this paper, two feasible structures of adsorbers were designed: the venturi-typeadsorber with the small-diameter throat pipe and that with the flow-guiding cone. Then these two kindsof adsorbers were optimized according to the factors which influence the diffusion of the adsorbentparticles. In the first adsorber, if the slope of increasing pipe is large enough and the positions offeeding pipe is appropriate, this adsorber will perform efficiently, but has more resistance loss; in thesecond adsorber, if those influencing factors adopt the optimal values, the adsorber will also take goodeffect and need less power to overcome resistance. The result shows the second adsorber is better.