Andrzej Baranowski, Joanna Ferdyn-Grygierek
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33rd AIVC Conference " Optimising Ventilative Cooling and Airtightness for [Nearly] Zero-Energy Buildings, IAQ and Comfort", Copenhagen, Denmark, 10-11 October 2012

Ensuring a proper indoor environment in the museum exhibition rooms requires, among others, the achievement and maintenance of the proper air change rate. It is important because of the minimum rate necessary to remove the excessive heat gains and moisture and energy demand for the ventilation purposes.
Two existing museum buildings were selected for the research purposes. First is located in a historical small castle built in 14th century and the second one is a modern building constructed as the a museum in the 20th century. Both buildings are equipped with the natural ventilation system.
The numerical models of both buildings were created and the simulations of the air changes were performed using the CONTAM software. The simulations were carried out for the winter period on the basis of the measured and recorded at this time weather data. As the result of simulations the air change rate in the selected museum rooms are presented against a background of the external temperature.