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Nightsky natural cooling system saves energy.

Anon, 2001
night time cooling | thermal mass | cooling
Bibliographic info: CADDET Energy Efficiency Newsletter, No 2, 2001, pp 16-183 figs, 3 tabs, refs.
Languages: English

Nightsky, an innovative night roof spray storage cooling system, provides chilled water to in-slab tubing and fan coils. Passive cooling delivery from the slab cools the building in parallel with the 'active' chilled-water fan coils. Delivering a significant fraction of the building's cooling requirements via the floor slab allows that size of the forced-air delivery system to be reduced. NightSky is most appropriate for large, low-rise buildings that have low-slope roof areas. It is most efective in drier climates that have clear night skies and is adaptable for use in freezing climates. Typical payback periods of two years are projected, depending on climate, building loads and utility rates.

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