Cauberg, J.J.M.; Op 't Veld, P.J.M.
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29th AIVC Conference " Advanced building ventilation and environmental technology for addressing climate change issues", Kyoto, Japan, 14-16 October 2008

Energy efficient building means automaticallyextra attention to energy efficient ventilationand air tight building. At this moment there area number of new innovative domesticventilation systems in the market as analternative for the common MVHR systems.The types of systems range from advancednatural and hybrid systems to balanced hybridsystems. All these systems can combine a lowenergy consumption with a good indoor airquality and thermal comfort and guarantees onreliability and performance. A prerequisite forthis is a good design and especially a goodconstruction and commissioning. In theNetherlands a demonstration project is going onin which a number of these new systems aredemonstrated and monitored. The first resultsfrom practice are very promising.