Funk L
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in: UK, Watford, BRE, "Indoor Air 99", proceedings of a conference held Edinburgh, Scotland, 8-13 August, 1999, Volume 3, 49-53

The new Guideline VDI 6022 contains hygienic standards for ventilation and air-conditioning systems. The requirements for the planning, design, operation and maintenance of ventilation and air-conditioning systems and their components are dealt with to ensure a hygienic condition according to the state of the art. The Guideline is subdivided as follows:

  • part 1 Offices and assembly rooms (published 07 /98)
  • part 2 Standards for Hygiene training (published 12/98 as a draft)
  • part 3 Factories¬†(activities have been started 01/99)


The Guideline is worked out in cooperation with experts of air-conditioning systems as well as hygienics and medics.