Chen Tao, Yang Rui, Sun Zhanhui, Weng Wenguo
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Building Simulation, 2007, Beijing, China

Occupant evacuation dynamics is a kind of manybody system of strongly interacting persons. A great deal of factors should be taken into account in the study of fire evacuation, such as human behavior, fire products and architecture. To describe human behavior, there are two different evacuation models, the social force model and the lattice-gas model. Considering the impact of fire product upon people's physiology and psychology, the CFE (Composite Fire Evacuation) model is presented in this paper, which includes three sub models: lattice-gas model, social force model and pre-movement time model. And a direction potential field concept is introduced in the CFE model to solve the moving directionality of people. In the end, the fire case of Yiyuan dancing hall in Fuxin is simulated by the CFE model and the lattice-gas model based on the human characteristics of China.