Silvana Flores Larseni and Graciela Lesinoii
Bibliographic info:
Building Simulation, 7, 2001, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, P. 75-82

This work presents the program SIMEDIF, a code conceived for the design and simulation of the thermal transient behavior of buildings, entirely developed at INENCO. Unlike other common programs, SIMEDIF does not calculate the needed auxiliary energy for indoor air conditioning from fixed indoor range of temperatures. In fact, the aim of the calculation is to obtain these indoor temperatures. SIMEDIF simulates the thermal behavior of multiroom buildings with  natural and passive air conditioning systems and with  indoor heat gains. It also evaluates the variations in the buildings behavior due to climatic and meteorological  factors. Besides it facilitates the detection of problems in thermal comfort (overheating or low temperatures) inside the zones of the studied building.