Koca, A.; Oztop, H.F.; Varol, Y.
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Proceedings CLIMA 2007 - Wellbeing Indoors (10-14 June Helsinki)

In this study, a numerical analysis has been performed to examine the natural convection heattransfer and flow field inside a saltbox roof with eave in winter day conditions. This analysisis important for applications since it shows the effective parameters on natural convectionheat transfer. The governing equations of natural convection in streamfunction-vorticity formwere solved using central difference method to obtain flow and temperature fields inside theroof. Also, the Successive Under Relaxation (SUR) technique was used to solve linearalgebraic equations. Results are presented by streamlines, isotherms and local and meanNusselt number by using effective parameters as Rayleigh number, aspect ratio of the roof,and length of eave. The results indicated that both eave length and aspect ratio can be used ascontrol parameter for heat transfer.