Couillaud Nicolas, Riederer Peter, Simon Julie, Raguin Marina, El Khoury Zaki
Bibliographic info:
Building Simulation, 2005, Montreal, Canada, 8 p

Matlab/Simulink is known in a large number of fields as a powerful and modern simulation tool. In the field of building and HVAC simulation its use is also increasing. However, it is still believed to be a tool for small applications due to its graphical structure and not to fit well for the simulation of multizone buildings. This paper presents the development of a new multizone building model for Matlab/Simulink environment, implemented into the SIMBAD Building and HVAC Toolbox. It’s general enough to model a variety of useful cases. Conforming to the Simulink philosophy, the model is modular and structured into blocks to represent the modelled phenomena. To simplify the description of the simulated building, a graphical user interface SIMBDI is developed in parallel, generating an xml building description file. This file can be read directly by the SIMBAD multizone building model. Finally, a simulation case is presented in order to compare the new model with the Trnsys multizone building model.