Theo Reuter, Andreas Fligg
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13th International BUILDAIR Symposium, 2-3 June 2023, Hannover, Germany

Purpose of the work

What to do with visible mold infestation at the construction site? 
How can I locate a hidden mold infestation? 
Which aspects have to be considered during mold renovations? 
Legal aspects regarding warranty, claims for damages and notices of defects. 
The two speakers will discuss technical and legal aspects. 
Mold occurs especially during cold seasons at the construction site / during renovation projects due to wrong and inadequate planning and poor site management. 
We will present methods for localizing and sampling mold, using a blower operated at differential pressure. In addition, we will explain why mold remediation guidelines are important and how to clean up mold. 
During this presentation we will also explain procedures for mold remediation and the standards / requirements that have to be met. 
We will also address legal aspects with regard to warranty and liability matters, and attempt to cover European precedents and standards. 

Results and assessment of their significance

We will provide pointers for easier assessments and evaluations of mold problems and develop mold restoration solutions. Which guidelines and standards should be applied? We will address legal requirements as well as legal aspects and approaches. Hidden mold infestation and defects can also be located by using a fan operated at differential pressure.  


Participants will learn more about legal and technical measures which have to be observed in the event of mold damage or remediation. 

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