R. Guichard, A. Tanière, E. Belut and N. Rimbert
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The International Journal of Ventilation, Vol. 12 N°2, September 2013

A quadrature method of moments, based on the population balance approach, was chosen to model nanoparticle coagulation and transport. Such a way has been already validated using experimental results in a homogeneous closed chamber in a steady fluid. In order to model the spatiotemporal evolution of a nano-aerosol, we propose here to couple the population balance equation (PBE) with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) considering a uniform pipe flow. A source term describing coagulation is added in convection-diffusion equations. This method is evaluated by considering convection and coagulation of an aerosol in the pipe. Computational performances are then assessed by comparison with experimental results. This method seems to be suitable for the future modelling of nano-aerosol dynamics in the workplace.