Guo H, Murray F
Bibliographic info:
Indoor Built Environ, No 9, 2000, pp 171-181

A simplified indoor air quality (IAQ) model has been applied to predict IAQ in an Australian house, using environmental chamber measurements of source strengths, house ventilation and room size. Total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) was used as the model pollutant in this study. The validity of the IAQ model was initially assessed by comparing model predictions with measurements in the house over a period of time. The root mean square error between the measured and predicted values was 0.039. This model explains 57% of the potential for error. The TVOC concentrations measured in the conventional house ranged from 60 to 162 μg·m-3. These values are much lower than some published values (0.48-31.7 mg·m-3 ) for new houses in Scandinavian countries and in the USA. The low TVOC concentrations obtained in this study probably result from the high ventilation rates in this conventional house and the use of low TVOC emission materials.