Tahbaz M
Bibliographic info:
Architecture, City, Environment: Proceedings of PLEA 2000, James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd, London, UK, 2000, ISBN 1 902916 16 6, proceedings of the Passive and Low Energy Architecture conference, held Cambridge, UK, July 2000, pp 334-335.

This article talks about the solutions that the vernacular architecture of desert areas in Iran has used to survive against undesirable climatic conditions. It is a partial result of a research that has been done by the author in 1994 in Shahid Beheshti University in Iran. It discusses and assesses climatic problems and living discomfort of the Zavareh, a small historical city in Esfahan province. It elaborates on eleven architectural principles and solutions that the residents of this city have found t construct their settlements after more than one thousand years of fighting with the harsh nature.