Torsten Bolender
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9th International BUILDAIR Symposium, 8-9 May 2015 Kassel, Germany


Based on an application for standardization by the company ISOVER in October 2007, the German Industrial Standard DIN 4108 – 11 has been cleared by the responsible bodies in DIN for review by the committee NA005-56-93AA, “Airtightness”. The work on the details of the standard has been going on for seven and a half years now. The standard will be entitled “Thermal Insulation and Energy Savings in Buildings – Part 11: Minimum Requirements for the Durability of Adhesive Joints with Adhesive Tape and Adhesive Compounds for Use in Airtight Layers”.

Standardization mandate

The Committee for Standardization is to work out a standard describing the boundary conditions for the tests and additional testing methods. Requirements and classifications for materials (adhesive tapes/adhesive compounds, sheets, plates, and subsurfaces) used in airtightness layers in construction are to be determined according to the German Energy Savings Regulation (EnEV) and German Industrial Standard DIN 4108-7. Materials that are permanently exposed to the elements and or UV radiation are excluded.

Content of the presentation

The presentation reports on the current status (May 2015) of the “adhesive standard”, elaborates on the context that led to the application for standardization, and shows how the work has been coming along thus far. The different testing procedures are explained with consideration to varying testing conditions (substrate / weather conditions / the testing procedure and its evaluation). This allows for an initial overview of the content and range of the draft standard. To conclude, the presentation will show the minimum requirements for adhesive tapes and adhesive compounds as well as the possible later classification of the products tested according to this standard.

Should the editing status of the standard in May 2015 allow for it, the presentation will also describe the steps up to the publication of a draft standard.

Purpose of the presentation

The presentation is to give an initial overview of the content of the future German Industrial Standard DIN 4108-11


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