Tolvanen M, Gustafsson T, Tossavainen A, Roine J, Salmi T
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in: Proceedings of Indoor Air '93, the 6th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate, July 4-8, 1993, Volume 4, pp 123-128

To evaluate the health risk posed by particles emitted from sound absorbent materials used in ventilation channels, the number, size, shape and composition of fibers and other particles must be characterized. A method of studying those particle characteristics has been developed. The number concentration of small particles in the testing chamber was measured with a condensation nucleus counter. Both scanning electron microscopical and optical microscopical analyses were possible for filter samples because of the low particle concentration of background particles in the testing chamber. Some sound absorbent material tests indicated that the airborne fiber levels of the materials were very low in comparison with hygiene limits.