Levins W.P.
Bibliographic info:
Proc. ASHRAE/DOE Conference "Thermal performance of the exterior envelope of the building II" Dec 6-9 1982 USA p.407-421 3 figs. 6 tabs. 13 refs. #DATE 06:12:1982 in English

Conducts tests over a period of 18 months in a house near Knoxville Tennessee to determine the effect of forced ventilation on the infiltration rate. Uses an outside-vented electric dryer as the power vent. Carries out testing during a variety of weather conditions. Uses SF6 as a tracer gas to measure infiltration rates. Develops a non-linear regression based on measured data relating the change in house infiltration rate to the vent rate. The equation has the form of an inverse exponential curve showing a greater increase in the infiltration rate of a tightly constructed house than of a loosely constructed house. Makes calculations for 17 cities across the US showing the effect of a vented electric dryer on house HVAC energy consumption.