Ives C
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Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, December 1992

Home renovation is a positive action "Which can bring out the best of an older home's original character, and provide the occupant with modem comfort and efficiency. Renovation work can, however, uncover unpleasant surprises in the existing construction which require special precautions to avoid health hazards. One such unpleasant surprise is the presence of lead-based paint. Lead-based paint was used in virtually all older houses. The renovation of painted surfaces by most conventional means can create a distinct health hazard to both the renovator and the occupants of the home. The renovator may ingest or inhale fine lead particles which are liberated during the renovation process. The occupants of the dwelling can be exposed to the hazard at a lower level but for a longer-term, persisting long after the renovation if lead containing particles become part of the house dust. These may be inhaled or ingested through normal occupant activity. Child.ten ·and pregnant women are particularly at risk. This guide provides information to help those considering or undertaking renovation to choose methods which can minimize their exposure to lead-based paint at each step of the renovation process.