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Laboratory test procedures to evaluate thermal and fluidodynamic performances of the climatised room.

Principi P, di Perna C, Ruffini E, 2001
thermal performance
Bibliographic info: 22nd AIVC Conference "Market Opportunities for Advanced Ventilation Technology", Bath, UK, 11-14 September 2001
Languages: English

In this paper the experimental results of the measurements obtained after the completion of a test room realised in the laboratories of the Dipartimento di Energetica dell'Universit di Ancona and the development of the monitoring system are reported. The same authors have already discuss in others works the preliminary studies about these themes and in which it is possible to read the first data of the effectuated studies about climatization phenomena. The implementation of the equipment has taken to have a system for the simulation of different environmental conditions, both indoor and outdoor of the building. The laboratory tests can be utilized to obtain the experimental values of parameters which the researchers could use to validate the theoretical results obtained by computational fluid dynamics techniques. The aim of this work is to show the potential resources of the test room through a series of experimental tests based on different configurations. In this paper the experimental results of the measurements obtained testing four different configurations of air diffusion inside a simulated office room are reported. The overall aim of the work is to visualize the air velocity and temperature distributions in different sections of the climatised volume to understand if the thermal comfort condition of the occupants is established.

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