Zelenko B
Bibliographic info:
in: SITHOK-2 International Congress on heating and air conditioning of buildings, proceedings, edited by J Krope, P Novak, Slovenia, University of Maribor, proceedings of a conference held 11-12 May 1997, pp 91-100.

Fast development of computer technology and the greater use of it in all spheres of activity have caused the development of software support in the field of HV AC systems. Considering the fact that today time is of great value and that contemporary technical systems demand economy and rationalisation of operating costs and energy, the qualitative and user-friendly computer-aided engineering is of maximum importance. The software package KLIMEN is one of the few, if not even the first program dealing with designing of ventilation and air-conditioning units, including air-conditioning in general as well as air - conditioning and dehumidifying of indoor swimming pools. By using the Windows environment this software program enables a project engineer to make a total calculation of ventilation and air-conditioning, to select air-handling units according to the user's wish and to make a schedule with complete technical data of the chosen air-handling unit. The results may be printed or saved in the text-file for the later use in word processors. The advantage of the software package KLIMEN is the possibility of changing and correcting the data and getting the new results simultaneously. It enables the users to make extensive projects in the shortest time possible. With the possibility of changing the data and air-handling principles, both optimisation and rationalisation of energy use can be achieved at the same time.