De Gids W.F. et. al.
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Pub. 620. TNO Research Institute for Environmental Hygiene, Delft. 1977, 6 refs. #DATE 01:01:1977 in English = #AICR NL3, 8th TVVL/TNO Seminar, October 1978,p7-16.

Investigates energy balance of centrally heated flat at coastal town of Kijkduin, based on daily figures of gas consumption and ventilation losses derived from meteorological conditions. Studies: 1) pressure difference over the building caused by windvelocity, wind direction and outdoor air temperature; 2) natural ventilation caused by pressure differences over fortuitous cracks and intentional opening of windows, grilles and shafts. Studies possibility of ventilation prediction via mathematical model. NOTES Further report is "Wind tunnel and on-site pressure distribution measurement son a house and its effect on infiltration" De Gids W.F. Van Schnijdel L.L.M. Ton J.A. abstract no.220