Bouwman H.B.
Bibliographic info:
Klimaatbeheersing May 1982 vol.11 no.5 p.115-119

Investigates what minimum fresh air supply per person is required to prevent unacceptable odour annoyance due to stale smells in offices and comparable buildings. The experiment is carried out in different buildings in rooms of varying size and occupancy density, with mechanical or natural ventilation. Determines the air supply to the room, the CO2 concentration, the number of lighted cigarettes, the odour concentration and the extent of odour annoyance to occupants. Finds that to get less then 5% of occupants complaining about odour levels, a minimum fresh air supply of 35 m*3/h per person is needed. Concludes that a reduction of the minimum fresh air supply in offices to about 25 m*3/h per person (to save energy) is therefore not justified because of the unacceptable air quality.