Chen, Z.; Clements-Croome, D.J.; Liu, K.; Sun, L.
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Comfort and Energy Use in Buildings - Getting it Right, 27-30 April 2006, Windsor Great Park, UK

This paper presents a conceptual design of a Performance Benchmarking System (PBS)for buildings called Buildings PBS, which aims to create an online knowledge-basedsystem for the life-cycle performance assessment of buildings. The research presented inthis paper is based on the concern that the performances of buildings are vital for bothwell-being and energy saving throughout their life-cycle. In order to achieve theBuildings PBS, this paper describes several research essentials such as the methodology,the deliverables, and the demonstration. To facilitate using the Buildings PBS, theprototype of an intelligent decision support system called remote expert system is thenput forward. The remote expert system is developed by using integrative techniques fromcross-disciplinary areas, including artificial intelligence and multicriteria decisionmaking. Finally, a pilot study on facades assessment is conducted to demonstrate theutilization of the system. It is expected that the remote expert system can effectivelysupport the utilization of the proposed Buildings PBS.