Godfried Augenbroe, Frederick Winkelmann
Bibliographic info:
Building Simulation, Nice, France, 1991, p. 367-374

We describe the need for a joint effort between design researchers and simulation tool developers in formulating procedures and standards for integrating simulation into the building design process. We review and discuss current efforts in the US and Europe in the development of next- generation simulation tools and design integration techniques. In particular, we describe initiatives in object-oriented simulation environments (including the US Energy 'Kernel System, the Swedish Ida system, the UK Energy Kernel System, and the French ZOOM program) and consider the relationship of these environments to recent R&D initiatives in design integration (the COMBINE project in Europe and the AEDOT project in the US). Topics discussed include the role of simulation in building design, deficiencies of current energy performance evaluation tools, characteristics of intelligent building design systems, transfer of data and knowledge between simulation and design, and the STEP standard for the exchange of product model data.