Wei G., Liu M., Claridge D.E.
Bibliographic info:
ASHRAE 2004 Annual Meeting, Nashville June 2004, pp 1-5, 4 Fig., 2 Tab., 5 Ref.

This paper presents an integrated damper and pressure reset (IDPR) method for variable air volume (VAV) system fan control. The IDPR method controls the static pressure at a minimum required level while maintaining at least one terminal box damper at full open position. When the entire system
is flawless, the fan speed is controlled in a way similar to the terminal regulated air volume (TRAV) method to maintain at least one terminal box damper full open. When system faults exist, however, this control strategy uses less fan power than the TRAV method. The IDPR method can be implemented in both full DDC (direct digital control) systems and hybrid systems, where only the space temperature readings are communicated to the DDC controller at the air-handler level and the terminal boxes are controlled by pneumatic controllers.