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Innovative HVAC solutions for an automotive plant in southern Italy

Alex Sandelewski, 2005
Industrial applications | air conditioning | evaporative cooling
Bibliographic info: Climamed 2005 - 2nd Mediterranean Congress of Climatization, February 2005, Madrid, Sapin
Languages: English

An automotive part manufacturing plant in Southern Italy, which has just recently been modernized and extended, offers an interesting panorama of innovative cost-effective solutions for ventilating, air-conditioning and process cooling. Some of them are: Indirect evaporative cooling with demineralised water and heat recovery for outsideair treatment Variable geometry and displacement diffusers for production area ventilation VAV systems for office areas Large capacity DX systems for cooling retrofit High precision HVAC control for metrology rooms Variable flow chilled water plants with hydraulic decoupling and heat recovery for reheat and sanitary hot water production Variable-flow cooling tower systems for air-conditioning and process needsAll systems are controlled by a BMS system with user-friendly interface, which monitor the technical gas storage stations as well.This paper offers an insight of the design decisions taken and of the difficulties met in the design, construction and commissioning of a large modern production facility in the sometimes harsh ambient conditions of a coastal environment, and shares the experience gained by design engineers and operating personnel.

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