Giacomo Chiesa, Mario Grosso
Languages: English | Pages: 5 pp
Bibliographic info:
6th International Building Physics Conference, IBPC 2015, Energy Procedia, 78, 2560-2565

This paper presents a parametric study on the effect of different TMY (Typical Meteorological Year) datasets on the results of energy dynamic simulation. The analysis was carried out running the software Design Builder with EnergyPlus code on a sample residential building located in three Italian cities and using two different TMY data sets: EnergyPlus and CTI (Italian Thermo- Technical Committee). As a support of the simulation results to be confirmed to a larger scale (the whole Italian territory), an analysis on the two TMY data sets was carried out by calculating CDH (Cooling Degree Hours) and HDD (Heating Degree Days) for 21 Italian locations together with annual global horizontal radiation and average annual mean daily wind velocity. The discrepancies found between the software data set and the more updated and locally validated CTI data set undermine the accuracy of simulation results hence flawing the energy performance assessment criteria based on those results.