Skistad H
Bibliographic info:
The 4th international conference on Cold Climat HVAC, Trondheim, Norway, June 16-18, 2003, Paper Inv 8, pp 1

Historically, industrial buildings have been simple constructions with no insulation. Ventilation has been natural through openings in the walls and in the roof. Around 1970 we started investigating airflows in large industrial premises by water model studies. This lead to a better understanding of the ventilation airflow patterns in heavy industries. In the following years, the principles were applied in practice. At the present, more than 30 large plants have been designed according to these principles and valuable experience has been gained.
Displacement ventilation was "re-discovered", suitable local exhaust systems were designed, and energy efficient ways of heating was applied, all resulting in techniques for designing systems combining good indoor environment and energy efficiency.
This presentation gives an overview of this development, and summarizes the state of the art for ventilation of large enclosures and how it is combined with floor heating, radiant heating, air heaters etc.