Zheng, M.
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The 6th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation & Energy Conservation in Buildings IAQVEC 2007, Oct. 28 - 31 2007, Sendai, Japan

In large enclosures such as gymnasiums, it is difficult to control the air temperature and create a comfortableclimate for people with respect to the heating condition. There are two main reasons that the air temperature in anoccupied area is not increased efficiently in large enclosures. 1) Hot supplied air goes up and stays in the upperarea due to buoyancy and it takes long time to reach the lower occupied area. 2) The heat capacity of the buildingstructure affects the air temperature and cold air stays in the lower area. In this paper, the results of measurementsregarding the pick-up time and the thermal environment of the residential region in a large gymnasium withunder-floor air return system were considered. Furthermore, the effects of simultaneous use of the panel heaterand the air supply method on the pick-up characteristic in heating condition and the energy consumption of theHVAC system to be investigated is discussed by coupled analysis of AHU outlet air temperature control simulationand CFD including the building structure.