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Indoor air quality in relation to sensory irritation due to volatile organic compounds.

Molhave L, 1986
irritation | sick building syndrome | organic compound
Bibliographic info: Ashrae Trans., Vol 92, 1986, Part 1a, No 2954. p306-316. 3 figs, 4 tabs, 42 refs.
Languages: English

The Sick Building Syndrome (SBS-syndrome) as defined by a WHO working group is discussed, and the existence of a sub syndrome is postulated, based on observations reported in the literature. This sub syndrome relates mucous membrane irritation - sensory irritation, dryness in nose and eye, which are very frequent symptoms within the Sick Building Syndrome - to the totalconcentration of volatile organic compounds (VOC) of the solvent type. This VOC syndrome may include other until now unidentified symptoms.

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