Scheiding W
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3rd European Blower Door Symposium, 30-31 May 2008, Kassel, Germany

Mould during the construction phase must be recognised by all those involved in the project as a defect that can usually, but not always, be avoided.Mould will grow on most building materials and products with organic components if conditions allow; the only really resistant materials are mineral, alkaline (e.g., cement-tempered plywood or wood wool light sheeting, cement-bound plywood or wood wool panels) or those treated with fungicide.Essentially, protection against heat and humidity is also protection against mould.Airtightness, in conjunction with an as vapour-permeable as possible construction method and a ventilation concept, is an essential part of sound building - not only for reasons of thermal insulation and dampness/humidity protection but also of hygiene and building biology.