Anatolijs Borodinecs, Baiba Gaujena
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30th AIVC Conference " Trends in High Performance Buildings and the Role of Ventilation", Berlin, Germany, 1-2 October 2009

The paper is devoted to the analysis of possibility for construction of low energy buildings withenvelopes controlled for minimization of energy consumption by air conditioning systems. It describes the possibilities to reduce energy consumption of large public buildings mainly in summer time when there are the highest electricity demands for cooling. The paper proposes constructive suggestion to create buildings whose walls, roofs and glassed surfaces have changeable thermal characteristics and methodology of control for separate elements. Building energy performance simulation models during the whole year allow choosing optimal characteristics of building envelope on the basis of annual heat consumption. The paper analyses the impact of building envelope thermodynamic characteristics on the parameters of supply air in air conditioning systems. It describes the change modes of thermal resistance, resistance to water vapour transfer and resistance to solar radiation considering the different states of inside and outside air conditions.