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The impact of surface air movement on material emissions.

Zhang Y, Haghighat F, 1997
air movement | building material | test chamber
Bibliographic info: UK, Building and Environment, Vol 32, No 6, 1997, pp 551-556
Languages: English

The effects of surface air movement on material emissions were investigated experimentally. A field study was carried out to understand the characteristics of surface air movement in real rooms, and a velocity-controlled test chamber was designed and built, based on the field study results, to provide a uniform mean air flow and boundary layer condition over the test area. An extensive experimental study on the effects of air movement on material emissions was carried out, under different mean flow velocities and turbulence fluctuations, by using the small velocity-controlled test chamber. It was found that material emission rates are a function of the surface air flow conditions: as surface air velocity increases, contaminants from materials deplete faster; the turbulent fluctuation has a lesser effect on material emissions

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