Larrumbide Enrique, Linares Pilar, García Sonia
Languages: English | Pages: 6 pp
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36th AIVC Conference " Effective ventilation in high performance buildings", Madrid, Spain, 23-24 September 2015.

The north of the Iberian Peninsula is characterized by a high level of humidity during the summer. In this climate zone ventilation plays an important role in exercising control over the indoor humidity level of housing and limits the possible formation of surface condensation. In this article we try to study on a house, the impact that the substitution of a ventilation profile for the summer period set in DB HE 1, 2013 for a constant ventilation profile fulfilling the statutory requirement under the current Hygiene, Health and Environment, Air Quality, DB HS-3, can have on the risk of formation of surface condensations. The study is set in the climate zone of a coastal province capital with mild summers (zone D1).